Our Recipes Contest’s Winners

Hello friends!!

Few days ago we started our first Recipes Contest in USA and Spain. We are so happy of your participation and we are very grateful for your ideas. Our judge has been studing the recipes and finally she decided the winner are the recipies with more balanced ingredients (with fish, pasta, rice, a lot of veggies).

1st Prize . Recipie of «Fideua» by Marisa Sempere (Spain)


Marisa Sempere

Marisa Sempere


-Serves  400 g of hair noodles

-200g prawns

-200g prawns

-350g clams

-1 garlic cloves




-Olive oil and salt


First thing to do it is prepare the fish stock. In preparing it, we put water in a pot with a pinch of salt and add the remains of the fish that we kept after cleaning, thorns, and other discards with a leek and carrot. We left about 15 minutes and then tagged and booked.   At this time, we take the peppers and put it in the hot broth until we see that they are well hydrated. Then we open and we took the pulp. I reserved.



Then we began to prepare the fideuà. We take a paella we add oil and some chopped onion and a few sliced ​​garlic. When sauce has add the noodles and let it go by. Then add the peppers, shrimp and prawns. Now we take the fish stock that we had previously prepared.   With a preheated oven at high temperature, the pot is introduced and remains there until lightly browned fideuá. It is served in the same container in which it was prepared.

2nd Prize . Recipie of «Juliana Fish» by Laura Reza (Mexico)


-1 To 2 Tilapia fish fillets cut into squaresrecipies contest

– 1/2 carrot

– 1 tomato

– 2 tablespoons canned corn

– 1/4 finely chopped onion (chopped one you see the divide in 2 parts)

– Finely chopped 1 clove garlic (minced see you divide one 2 parts)

– 2 tablespoons olive oil

– 1/4 cup of rice

– 1/2 cup water

– Salt to taste or seasoning you use.


FISH 1) sew carrot, and tomato and sewn see liquefy image2
along with corn. 2) in a pan you put 1 tablespoon olive oil and when hot add some onion and some garlic. 3) when they are seasoned add the blended fish and vegetables, add seasoning and boil, stirring until the fish flakes.

RICE 4) first rinsed rice until the water runs clear (to remove the starch having) 5) in a pan put the other tablespoon of olive oil and add a hot see the 2nd part of the onion and garlic. 6) A seasoned look add the rice and add water and seasoning used. Cover and wait 15 minutes. Serve the rice with the fish! Profit!

3rd Prize. Potage by Sveta Shikova (Russia)


фото 2Feb to may 4475
1) clean cauliflower, broccoli and potato
2) boil the vegetables until they are ready
3) pour the water away (you can leave a little bit of the water in the pan)
4) mix all of the vegetables by blender
5) add milk and mix again by blender
6) add salt and small pieces of boiled chicken.

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